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Join Me in My Sacred Space

WELCOME. This is my fourth blog. And despite my stalled start, the response to my previous post has been amazing. A proper welcome and introduction are overdue.

I am Rev. Janet Davenport. In addition to being an ordained minister, preacher and spiritual director, I am an entrepreneur.

I am the principal of Davenport Coaching Solutions, an executive-life and strategic consulting firm I founded in 2014.

It would appear I wear a lot of hats..But I am happy to report my head has stayed attached to my shoulders through my various headgear changes.

Life is A Spiral, Not a Straight Line
ordained minister, writer, storyteller
Rev. Janet Davenport

Apparently, my destiny to live so many lives over the span of one lifetime was written in the stars

A dear friend and coaching colleague, who studies these things and creates custom birth charts, informed me the alignment of the celestial bodies at the precise time of my birth indicated I would be a leader, a writer, a counselor, and someone of deep spirituality.

In some ways, I feel like I'm just getting started.

Map and Survival Manual

But, alas, the gift of another birthday this month came as a sobering reminder: I am, in fact, in my Third Act. This is the final stage of life which usually begins between the ages of 60 and 70. The math put a fire under my baby boomer bum; not to run into retreat or retirement but to return home. That means dedicating more time to the page where my voice has always felt the most welcome.

These blog pages are where I will share the stories of my adventures on my sacred journey. The good, the bad and the ugly, all of my experiences have changed me in some way for the better. No tear, groan or smile has been wasted. Faith has been an enduring anchor.

It is my hope my stories, memories and the lessons I've gleaned in the classroom of life might help another watcher, seeker or believer. I subscribe to the belief that the stories of how we overcame our adversities, crises, and the other challenges can serve as survival guides for someone else. That is why it is important we tell our unique stories.

Where Sacred, Story and Memory Meet

Finally, my blog memoir is a pivotal chapter in my legacy work. I feel an urgency to pass on the ancestral memory, family history and stories of the African American experience handed down to me. This is a sacred duty of my elderhood. Our hidden and untold stories are part of the human narrative in the epic book of life, whose pages are still being written.

Welcome again. I look forward to communicating more often and sharing stories with you on my blog at DIVINEPORT, the sacred intersection of where our journeys, stories and memories meet.

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Vicki Frisby
Vicki Frisby
25 mai 2023

This is so Awesome. Thank you for inviting me to join and share in your experiences

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