Welcome to My Sacred Portal  

Minister. Writer. Speaker. Family Historian.  


The stories my parents and the elders shared anchored me during my formative years as my father's military career upended our lives and constantly moved us to different regions of the country and Europe. They nurtured and sustained me through my identity crises and feelings of not belonging throughout my nomadic childhood --  and haunted me well  into  adulthood. 


My love of reading, storytelling and my Black heritage set me on a miraculous path of deep spiritual healing and transformation. God caused the Universe to conspire with my passion and my pen to land me in the predominately white, white -male dominated newsrooms of the eighties,  nineties and into the new Millennium. 


I variously wore the hats of reporter, and editorial page editor and editorial writer. I cut my teeth in  journalism at my  hometown newspaper in Springfield, Mass. and later wrote and served on the editorial board of the Hartford Courant in Connecticut.


After nearly 20 years and a number of award-winning journalistic efforts addressing issues such as  race and American slavery, health care, community life, politics and much more, the still small voice whispered:  "Your work is finished here. It's time to move on." 

 I crossed over into senior leadership and executive roles in the  nonprofit world  where I had a chance to champion many of the good causes in which I believed by innovating and leading communication, marketing and public relations initiatives. In 2014, I packed my big  toolbox of experience and skills and founded my own leadership and organizational development consulting firm, Davenport Coaching Solutions. 


My mission as a professionally certified executive coach and spiritual director is to help mission-driven leaders connect with the deep purpose of their lives and work. This is our true source of power as spiritual beings have human experiences! 


My passion for people, their  stories and endless potential is the silver thread running through my eclectic life and faith walk. It runs through my latest  call to public ministry in the African American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. The Ministry of Motherhood has imparted much Divine wisdom and bestowed some of my most profound awakenings and lessons in the theology of Love. 


A grandmother and great-grandmother, I returned to school in 2018-2019 as a cohort in the Yale Clergy Scholar Program at  Yale University. I  studied at  Hartford Seminary, where I also completed studies at the Women's Leadership Institute. I began my paper chase at Boston University and have a  bachelor of science degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin. 

​ I am grateful for all the colors of  the Divine threads woven throughout the fabric of  the more than six decades of my life. Each one testifies to the healing and redeeming power of God's love and its ability to repair and restore our lives. Within their weaving are the stories and silver threads that shine a light and show our hearts the way home. 


Janet Davenport